Review: The Huntsman – Winter’s War

Synopsis: As two evil sisters prepare to conquer the land, two renegades, Eric the Huntsman, who previously aided Snow White in defeating Ravenna, and his forbidden lover, Sara, set out to stop them.
Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron
Release Date: 7th April 2016

AP:  As the credits rolled, I wasn’t sure what real purpose this film served. It’s no longer a live action reiteration of a Disney classic, but an extension of the finished tale. A tale that was never in the canon and one that seems to be made only to squeeze some extra money from Chris Hemsworth’s enormous biceps. The original Disney character of Snow White is mentioned briefly, and quickly shown. But it’s not Kristen Stewart, who starred as the heroine in the first movie. Instead, it’s the back of a generic brunette actress clutching herself in overly dramatic agony. Clearly they couldn’t close the deal with her. Or preferred not to reuse Stewart after the soap-opera like drama that followed the films release.

The movie itself has a predictable plotline. Theron has improved her character performance in this this second time around. She’s less crazy-eyed and more subtle in her performance. Plus her make up is amazingly flawless. Someone please do a tutorial on it.
Emily Blunt gives a cool performance of a queen who is almost literally Elsa come alive. I can’t help but wonder as to why she chose to enter into this franchise which in my humble opinion is above her skill set as an actor. The same goes for Jessica Chastain. She’s an extraordinarily talented actress of whom does not normally chose action based roles. That being said, she was a strong character (both literally and figuratively), and did some hella incredible stunts.

The Bottom Line:
A forgettable, see it once or see it never movie, that served to only allow the studios to run out the actors sequel contract clause.

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