Now on Netflix: Badass Ladies

Feminism in the film and entertainment industry is raring at full force (as it should be!).
From online blogs sharing real stories of how women are being treated in the industry, to speeches made by award-winning actresses, to music videos of females kicking literal ass.

And to celebrate ladies, our friends at Netflix have put together a list of movies and television shows that feature strong, empowering female characters:

– Salt (Evelyn Salt)
– Suits (Jessica Pearson)
– House of Cards (Claire Underwood)
– Mad Men (Joan Holloway)
– Orange is the New Black (Red, and pretty much every other female character)
– Silence of the Lambs (Clarice Starling)
– Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Lisbeth Salander)
– Million Dollar Baby (Maggie Fitzgerald)
– V for Vendetta (Evey)
– Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff, and Maria Hill)


Get watching people!


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