Batman VS Superman to have special teaser IMAX screening events in the USA

It’s incredibly annoying and frustrating when a highly anticipated movie or television program begins its marketing campaign and suddenly forgets about their fans in other countries.
Earlier this afternoon, filmmaker Zack Snyder tweeted confirmation that the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice would be have special teaser IMAX screening events where people would view the films first trailer, possibly along with some extra footage. Naturally, his announcement made us excited and we clicked the link, eagerly ready to register for any Sydney session we could. All cinemas listed were USA-based cinemas.

Roadshow Films, the Australasian distributor of Batman Vs. Superman, confirmed to us that the IMAX events were USA-Toronto only.


Now, we’re not naïve enough to think that it’s easy to host worldwide events for releases. There’s a lot of logistics, clearances, people, time and money involved. It’s difficult. However for releases like this, a worldwide teaser event almost a necessity.
Restricting content to fans on the basis of their location never works. It encourages them to use various backdoor channels, such as VPNS or torrents, to get access to it. We also know that even whenever these events occur, there will always be someone who sits in the audience with their phone or tablet recording the footage which will inevitably pop up on YouTube or somewhere on the internet.
No matter what precautions you take, somehow it will always leak.
It doesn’t seem like distributors and studios, like Warner Bros. Pictures, are doing much to try pre-empt this. Why don’t they livestream the event to those in other countries? Sure, it still wouldn’t look as great as seeing it on IMAX, but at least those outside the USA will be able to watch a decent quality version of it rather than an iPhone recording of a screen.

Come on Snyder, make it happen.


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