Benedict Cumberbatch joins ‘The Jungle Book’ for Warner Bros.

In classic Hollywood style where the public are pelted with films that feature the same theme, genre or even the exact same story, Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the cast of The Jungle Book as the voice of man-eating tiger Shere Khan.

‘What?!’ You say, ‘Did the glorious Idris Elba drop out of the film?!’
No. Idris Elba will be the voice of Shere Khan in the Disney adaptation of the film, with Jon Favreau directing.
Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing the role of the tiger in a Warner Bros. adaptation that is being directed by Andy Serkis. This will be Serkis’ first directorial feature, though he has previously had the role of Second Unit Director on a few of The Hobbit installments.

It’s unknown just yet whether Serkis’ interpretation of the Rudyard Kipling tale will be live-action, animation, or considering his extensive motion-capture experience, a combination of the two.

The film is expected to be released in late 2016 or 2017.

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