SFF Review: The Skeleton Twins

What is it about?

Two estranged twins, Maggie and Milo, reunite after 10-years of silence when one of them attempts suicide. They’re now living under the same roof again, in Maggie’s home with her kind, but dim, husband.

What is it like?

Former SNL alums Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig reunite in this new dramatic comedy by Craig Johnson, and are both given the opportunity to showcase their dramatic acting chops. Hader gives an impressively good performance as Milo, a sarcastic and troubled gay man, who has lived in LA for a decade trying to make it as an actor and has just gone through a break-up. Hader has the ability to make Milo a very likeable character, despite his sarcastic defence mechanism and general prickliness. While living with his sister again, Milo uses the opportunity to try to reconnect with a past flame; his former high-school English teacher, with whom he had an affair.
Wiig is fantastic in this film. Her character Maggie seems to have it all on the outside; a steady job, perfect happy marriage with a kind husband who wants to start a family. On the inside however, Maggie is quietly falling apart and suffers in silence. It’s one of Wiig’s more serious and straight-forward roles since she exploded into the silver-screen with the hilarious Bridesmaids.

Director Craig Johnson, who also co-wrote the script with Mark Heyman, expertly juggles the comedic and dramatic aspects of the film. He’s able to make the audience laugh until they cry, and then can pull the rug right from under them with the next tense and shocking scene. The film goes through the full spectrum of human emotions; it is emotionally exhausting and draining but it is, personally, one of the most satisfying and best films that I have seen all year.

So, should you see it?

Definitely. The Skeleton Twins is an incredible, amazing film featuring amazing performances by Hader and Wiig, as well as an incredible music score by Nathan Larson. Johnson is confident in his direction and pacing, and with help from cinematographer Reed Morano, it makes for a very beautiful film.
Bring tissues.


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