A Million Ways To Die In The West



A Million Ways To Die In The West is the follow up to Seth MacFarlane’s first cinema debut Ted.


It stars Seth Macfarlane himself as the depressed and dumped Albert, along with Charlize Theron as the hot newcomer to town Anna, Liam Neeson as her dangerous gun-slinging husband Clinch, Amanda Seyfried as Louise- the chick who dumped Albert, and Neil Patrick Harris as the mustached man Foy now dating that bitch Louise.


Yeah I knew all that, but what exactly is it about?


Basically, Albert gets dumped, Albert is depressed, many people die in the west, Albert meets hot-chick Anna, Albert threatens Foy to a duel, Anna teaches Albert to shoot and they make that bitch Louise jealous, Clinch finds out about Anna and Albert, chases after Albert…etc .


COOL. So is it as good as Ted?


It was fun! I really enjoyed it in a this-is-seth-macfarlane-and-i-love-him-and-i-get-him kinda way. I mean, it’s not for everyone. You have to enjoy  his Family Guy style of humour and it really is top-to-bottom potty kinda humour

You’re also more likely to enjoy it if you’ve seen some old western movies growing up which made that whole bit a lot funnier to me.


So see it now or wait for the download DVD?


See it now! But get some drinks and dinner with some friends and see it with someone who loves Family Guy/ The Cleveland Show/ America Dad/ Ted as much as you do.



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