What is it about?

A prehistoric monster, who feeds on radiation, roams the earth and endangers the lives of millions of people.

What is it like?

Director Gareth Edwards is the man behind the cam on Godzilla, the world’s most revered monster since its creation in 1954. Godzilla has been portrayed in over 28 movies, making him arguably one of the most well-known creatures of all time. In this recent reimagining, we’re taken to a world where there isn’t just one creature roaming the earth.
Edwards and his team have created a visually astounding, stunning film with an incredibly designed creature at its epicentre. The blockbuster film features terrifyingly majestic shots and amazingly detailed action sequences that go hand-in-hand with its dark and ominous tone. The sound effects are just as hair-raising, and the score will give you goosebumps.
It’s a pity that the plight of the humans is nowhere near as compelling as the plight of Godzilla and his final battle. The lead characters are almost detached from the story, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a letdown; not showing anywhere near enough emotion for the audience to actually connect with him. Ken Wantanabe felt more like a starstruck fanboy, staring in shock at his favourite celebrity rather than a scientist who had been studying the movements of Godzilla for decades.
As usual, in his brief appearance, Bryan Cranston gives the best performance of the film aside from Godzilla himself.

So, should you see it?

Godzilla is definitely worth the price of a $26.50 VMAX 3D ticket for the visuals alone. Geez, do we really pay that much for movies now?

Godzilla is in Australian cinemas Thursday 15th May.


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