TRAILER: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


Do you guys remember that time The Simpsons did a spoof of Planet of the Apes where Troy McClure marry’s Selma Blair and he sings a song called ‘Dr Zaius’ in a musical version of the movie?

(spanish subtitles for your viewing pleasure)

Well this new movie is nothing like that. But it is the eighth movie in the series, which also includes two television series, and various comic books, novels and a video game. 


How can there be so many movies about apes taking over the planet?

Well, we don’t really know, but this one follows up on Rise of the Planet of the Apes from 2011. The virus that had begun to infect humans worldwide at the end of that movie has now killed majority of humanity apart from a small band of survivors in this movie. That small group now threatens the genetically evolved ape nation lead by the once-cute-now-freaky Caesar.


Who’s in it?


We got:

  • Andy Sekis: this guy loves acting gigs where he gets to wear hectic skin-tight suits with weird wires and stuff all over them… otherwise known as Gollum. He also did Kong in King Kong.
  • Jason Clarke: he’s Aussie, and he’s been doing heaps well overseas in gigs like Zero Dark Thirty, Lawless and also The Great Gatsby, and he’s heaps good at doing creepy roles as a lot of Aussies seem to be weirdly good at. In this he plays Malcom who’s trying to bring peace between the apes and humans.
  • Gary Oldman: My man! Love this guy. If you don’t know him you’re missing out on some serious acting chops. Look him up. In this he plays Dreyfus, and it looks like he’s going to fuck up Malcom’s peace efforts.
  • Keri Russell: The chick from that famous 90’s show Felicty, and heaps of other stuff like August Rush. She plays Ellie.
  • and a bunch more


Should we check it out or what…?


Yeah. The reviews for Rise of the Planet of the Apes were surprisingly positive, and we liked it. Andy Serkis, as always, did a brilliant job executing Caesar’s character, and the film did a good job at evolving from order to chaos… it was a good summer scifi action flick.

The production of the follow up is looking pretty sweet, it’s being directed by Matt Reeves who did Cloverfield, plus it has a great cast line-up (I’m mainly saying that because Gary Oldman is in it). Sequels are always a struggle to make a success, but so far this has a lot going for it. That’s if you’re cool with talking monkeys.


See the new trailer here:



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