2014 San Diego Comic Con International

Yep, we’re heading to Comic Con.
This year will be our second time at SDCC, we were lucky enough to attend last year, though we only had a 2-day badge (Thursday and Sunday), and we had an amazing time. We attended the Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Sherlock and Dexter Panels. We ran into Jenna Coleman at 2:00am and walked her to her hotel, chatting along the way. We accidentally hit Nathan Fillion and almost spilt his drink as he walked past us in NerdHQ. We partied the Thursday night away at NerdHQ. We got to attend the Tom Hiddleston and Sherlock NerdHQ panels. We sat in the Iron Throne and literally saw Kit Harington everywhere (bars, parties, hanging outside a hotel). We saw Bill Paxton in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel, standing next to a dog on a motorbike. San Diego Comic-Con is a wonderful, crazy week and we’re so excited to go back. This time, with 4-days to our badge.


So, in giddy anticipation, here’s our list of what we’re excited for at this years SDCC:

1. NerdHQ
It might seem silly to some that one of the things we’re most excited for is an event that isn’t even directly associated with Comic Con. For those that don’t know NerdHQ is run by Zachary Levi and his company The Nerd Machine, and is always held in downtown SD during the week of Comic Con. It’s filled with parties and video games and charity auctions and general fun and merriment. The Thursday night is always a big party, so make sure you have your dancing shoes on.
They also hold intimate panels with actors and filmmakers (150-200 people), for $22 a ticket that all go to Operation Smile. Those tickets are like gold, they are gone in seconds. We were luck enough to attend the SHERLOCK NerdHQ panel with filmmakers Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue and Mark Gatiss, and the TOM HIDDLESTON panel with the man himself, TOM HIDDLESTON. We were front row centre for both, it was very exciting. It’s not uncommon to be in NerdHQ playing a game and have some famous faces walking past, particularly Nerd Gods such as Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and of course, Zachary Levi.
For the first time ever, NerdHQ is calling on it’s loyal base to help fund the event. You can contribute to their very worthy cause by clicking here. Also, don’t stress, they stream their panels live as well!

2. The Marvel Panel
One of the most highly-sought after panels. To get in here, you’ll need to camp out extremely early the night before (even joining the line at 11pm might not guarantee you a seat). Last year, the name for Avengers 2 was released, along with a short teaser, there were discussions about the next phase of Marvel movies, clips from Captain America 2, Thor 2, and a surprise appearance by Tom Hiddleston in full Loki regalia. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this will be the only SDCC before The Avengers: Age of Ultron is released. It’s unknown if the cast will be there, as they may still be filming at the same time, but it is likely that we will see at least a small piece of some unfinished footage or at least some stills. We can also expect to hear more about the upcoming Ant-Man, Phase 3 and some footage from Guardians of the Galaxy, which opens the weekend after.

3. The Doctor Who Panel
Though it’s not announced (panels are never announced until 2 weeks before the event), we’re extremely keen for another Doctor Who panel to get a taste of the upcoming season, and of the new Doctor – Peter Capaldi.

4. The Exhibition Hall
It’s loud and crowded and crazy and there are lines everywhere but oh my, it’s so god damn cool. Toys and collectables and shirts and costumes. It’s a lot of fun. Last year, The Walking Dead had built a portion of the prison and it was populated by Zombies. You could tour inside and see some rooms and props from the show.

5. Panels Panels Panels
Supernatural. Game of Thrones. Hannibal. Batman VS. Superman. The Hunger Games. Sherlock. Warner Bros. Lionsgate. Universal. Who knows what we will be seeing?!

6. Cosplay
Who doesn’t love seeing the amazing time and effort put into some peoples costumes? They’re amazing!

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