Leaked Footage: Fast & Furious 7



[SPOILER: Films 6 & 7] Footage has leaked (like we didn’t see this coming) of Fast & Furious 7, eerily showing the gang attending the funeral of Han and Gisele. For those who missed the end-of-credits scene of Furious 6, the scene showed Han (from Tokyo Drift) in Tokyo  in a car chase, he is hit by an oncoming car and his car explodes killing him. The other car’s driver, Jason Statham, calls Dominic as he walks away miraculously unharmed and leaves him a message saying “You don’t know me. You’re about to.”, which you can see here.

In other news, Universal Execs made their condolences to Paul Walker’s family following his sudden death on Saturday when driver CEO of Walker’s company ‘Always Evolving’ Roger Rodas lost control of the car he was driving with Walker in the passenger seat hitting a tree and killing them both, and announced a conference call for Sunday to discuss the future of the 7th film in the franchise. It has been reported by Hollywood Reporter and TMZ that the film was on hiatus from filming for the Thanksgiving holiday, and they still had important scenes to film in Dubai and elsewhere.

We can imagine that someone who lived life was so much passion would want the film to go ahead, however whether they do or not, we hope they do it with respect to both Paul Walker and his family.



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