“Man corrupted this world, and filled it with violence, so we must be destroyed”

The full new trailer for the biblical epic Noah has been released- and it is promising us all the explosive damn-you-all-to-hell bible violence that would make Ned Flanders proud.


(Whether or not this song has been included is unclear.)


Directed by the man behind Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan- Darren Aronofsky– Noah stars Russel Crowe as Noah, Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah (the oldest man to ever live), Jennifer Connelly as Naameh (Noah’s wife), Emma Watson as Ila (Noah’s adopted daughter) and Logan Lerman as Ham (Noah’s son).

Aronofsky has had a thing for the Noah’s Ark story since he was 13, and turns out before he even started looking into financing this project, he had it made into a wicked-looking graphic novel by the name of Noé: Pour la cruauté des hommes (Noah: For the Cruelty of Men) that we really wish was also available in english, check out some of the images:

Image sourced from Absolute Zone
Image sourced from Absolute Zone


It’s clear from watching the trailer that Aronofsky is trying to do something a bit different from the humble Noah’s Ark story from our childhoods, teasing us with epic, stunning imagery, and what looks like will be some gritty opponents, and whilst those animals look a bit too fake for our liking, we’re pretty keen to see this.

Check it out!

Or go Here if you want the fancy US Apple version.


Until the next trailer! Or until we find an english copy of that graphic novel…



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