TRAILER: X-Men – Days of Future Past

YES. The trailer for the long-awaited, highly coveted X-Men movie is here!
The crossover between the original films, and the recent prequel. They’re bringing together the whole gang.

Here are our favourite bits and moments:
– Excellent music. The first half of the trailer is ‘Adagio in D Minor’ by John Murphy. Whilst the second is ‘Journey to the Line’ by Hans Zimmer.

– The first glimpse of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen back as Professor X and Magneto. McKellen, I’m so glad you’re back. You were always my favourite.

– A longing stare between Kitty (Ellen Page) and Bobby (Shawn Ashmore), cut to a miffed looking Rogue (Anna Paquin).

“You’re going to have to do for me, what I once did for you.” Presumably said to Wolverine (Good ol’ Hugh Jackman) when his task is being explained to him.

– Cerebro. Always.

“You’ll need me as well. Side by side, to end this war before it ever begins.” Again, presumably said to Wolverine as his task is being explained. So yep, we’re time-travelling this bitch.

– Enter the newbies. BISHOP (Omar Sy)! SUNSPOT (Adan Canto)! WARPATH (Booboo Stewart) ! BLINK (Bingbing Fan)! Bingbing Fan, you’re totally killing this look. So fab.

Storm (Halle Berry), Professor X, Wolverine and Magneto are strolling / wheeling dramatically into a set that for some reason reminds me of the latest Indiana Jones flick. Please take note of their dapper new suits, Magneto’s flowing cape in particular.

Young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) is levitating like a badass. Wreaking havoc like a badass.

Wolverine is being shot. A lot. Cause that always works. One can only hope that the next part of that scene involves him pulling his shoulders back, flexing and therefore shooting the bullets back, using only his ripped and vein-y chest.

– The Beast (Nicholas Hoult) is back to stop Young Magneto from being a badass by strangling him in a fountain.

Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) rocks a ‘stache. It’s glorious.

“I don’t want your suffering. I don’t want your future.” Young Professor X (James McAvoy) is angry. And sounds kinda depressed.

– A scared looking Mystique (the flawless Jennifer Lawrence) is being dragged across the ground by Young Magneto and his powers. I gotta say, considering she is technically naked, how come he can do that? Please don’t say the “iron in her blood”.


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