Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
Year: 2013

HA: Out of this world. | AP: A cinematic masterpiece.


I’m feeling a bit spaced out.

No seriously.

I walked out of GRAVITY at IMAX Sydney with my head slightly spinning. Wow, just wow.

Gravity created an experience that could only be described as tense and out-of-this-world (sorry about the puns, but there really isn’t any other way to put it…okay maybe there is).

The movie starts with a long, wide, silent shot of earth, you feel like you’re floating through space until, slowly, volume starts to pick up and you hear astronauts talking with the Mission Control in Houston, then gradually three astronauts come into view working outside on the Hubble Space Telescope. You learn that Matt Kowalski, George Clooney, is a veteran astronaut on his last space walk, he’s comfortable and passing jokes to calm the nerves of Dr Ryan Stone, Sandra Bullock, who’s on her first space mission, while she works. Soon however, a warning comes in from Mission Control that debris from a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite has caused a chain reaction of destruction that is hurling at bullet-speed in their direction, and all hell breaks loose.

The tension built and developed is held throughout the entire movie, apart from one moment where the ball is dropped, is carried through right to the end. If you’re looking for a movie experience that makes you feel like you’re on a roller-coaster- this is it.

Camera angles are done in a way that puts you in the shoes of Dr Ryan, you see what it looks like from her eyes and feel her desperation as she spins in dizzying speeds and tries but fails to hold on to anything. This feeling was escalated in 3D at the IMAX theatre- the quality of the filming is very highly detailed.

The music makes you feel stressed like there’s a stranglehold on your chest, though the composer Steven Price understands that loud fast music isn’t necessary to do this, silence is used intelligently to build tension. The silence is as stressful as the building violins.

This is definitely an experience-driven movie, with plot lines rarely coming into play. Mexican Director Alfonso Cuaron (this is his first movie since Children of Men seven years ago) has created something brilliant, intelligent and moving.



HA: What did you think AP?

AP: I thought it was fantastic. I thought the special effects were seamless, I loved the score as well and how it really added to the films tension. Sandra was superb. There were a few cheesy moments in there that it could have done without however.

HA: Yeah that bit towards the end? I know what you mean, I didn’t mind it so much though.

AP: I understood why they put that in there, but I think it could have been scripted better so it wasn’t as cheesy as it came across.

HA: Yeah I agree, it dropped the ball a bit.  I think it’s pretty cool that it’s the director Alfonso’s (haha…fonzo…) first film in seven years.

AP: And was it worth the wait? Hell yeah.

HA: Definitely, I’m taking the parentals to see it on Friday. Keen to see the Ma’s reaction.

AP: She’ll flip. Your Dad will definitely love it. It’s such a phenomenal film, and it’s a great story that we haven’t really seen before. I love that.

HA: Exactly! I mean, what else have we had previously? There was the Bruce/ Liv Tyler one, what was it called?

AP: Armageddon? We’ve had a lot of films set in space, but nothing like Gravity.

HA: I don’t wanna cloooose ma eyyyyess,

AP: Oh god.

HA: Don’t wanna faallll asleeep coz I’ll miss ya baaby….Kay I’ll stop. Can we watch armageddon soon? Also slightly cheesy, but an enjoyable movie.

AP: Slightly? Very. But it’s probably the last good thing that Bruce Willis did.

HA: Okay very, but I still enjoyed it. Actually, thats the thing with most catastrophic-themed films like this, they’re usually quite over-the-top and have their cheesy moments, but with Gravity they managed to make it completely realistic, and all experienced-based. You really felt like you were there with them.

AP: It definitely held a significant grounding in reality which made it all the more enjoyable, and even more confronting. And the fact that its told all from one point of view, really engages and draws in the audience.

HA: So, what are your Last Comments?

AP: This movie is fantastic, very confronting and is a master at creating tension. If you dont go and see it, in a cinema, in 3D, as it is intended, then you’re really missing out.

HA: Out of this world (geddit?). Book your tickets now- definitely don’t miss your chance to see it in 3D, and if you can- IMAX.

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