Our favourite Breaking Bad moments

The end is nigh.

As one of the best and most iconic shows on television draws to a close, we count down some of the most crazy, badass and our most favourite thirteen moments from the past five seasons.
Obviously this list barely scratches the surface of this incredible series and if we could, we would post every single moment of every single episode.
If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

1. Walt destroys Tuco’s HQ (S01E06)

2. Stay out of my territory (S02E10)

Great song choice. And possibly my favourite scene of all time.

3. Walt lets Jane die (S02E12)



4. Hank VS. The Cousins (S03E07)

gif source

5. Walt runs over the Dealers (S03E12)


6. Jesse shoots Gale (S03E13)

7. I am the one who knocks (S04E06)

8. Walt loses it (S04E11)

9. Gus Fring’s death (S04E13)

10. Yeah Bitch! Magnets! (s05e01)


11. The train heist (s05e05)

gif source

12. Say my name (S05E07)

13. Hank’s realisation (S05E08)

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