Introducing The Reel…

Imma blow yo mind with all my geeky wonderouseness. Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Welcome to The Reel…


How did we get here? On one hand, it seems like a natural progression for us to take. HA and I met at a small, private college where we were supposed to be attaining a degree in music business. We bonded over our love of films and television and spent more time either going to the movies than actually doing any work. We’d then pass on our thoughts to our fellow classmates while sitting around the scratched pine tables of the local pub, and listen to those who would teasingly call us ‘David’ & ‘Margaret’ (two film critics with a show on the ABC for those not in the know) but would then also tell us that in all seriousness we should be doing this for a living.

We’ve been friends for years now and our love of movies has grown with us. We’ve done countless midnight sessions, snuck into a few premieres, advance screenings, spent thousands on movie tickets and entered hundreds of competitions all to fuel our addiction to the gleaming silver screen. Not to mention the countless hours on YouTube and in front of the television watching behind-the-scenes clips, interviews and Comic-Con panels.

We constantly squeal, hit or pinch each other during the exciting parts or when our favourite actors crop up onto cinema screens we could only dream of owning. We stay until after the credits have wrapped, either entranced in the films score or so caught up in our own discussion on the world that was just presented to us for the past two hours or so.

So we decided to start this site. Not just so others could read our thoughts, but so we could try and get to know others who get as excited as we do. We can’t promise that this will be the best site or the most informative. But we can promise you a pretentious free site and the fact that you’d be hard-pressed to find others who get as excited as we do when it comes to movies.

We are not natural writers. To put it honestly, our reviews will probably seem blunt and ineloquent to most of you and you could probably write reviews on our reviews and come out better writers than what we have. But we have a love and passion for the movie and television world, and that’s what we’re trying to get across. We’re learning, we’re new, but we will get there and I hope that you will be there alongside us.

Top Movies:

– American Psycho
– Iron Man
– The Avengers
– Goodfellas
– Vertigo
– The Godfather
– The Dark Knight
– Sherlock Holmes
– The Big Lebowski
– A Clockwork Orange
– Star Trek: Into Darkness
– Harry Potter
– The Silence of the Lambs

Top TV:

– BBC Sherlock

– Doctor Who

– Breaking Bad

– The Walking Dead

– Dexter

– New Girl

– Firefly

– How I Met Your Mother

– The Office (UK + US)

– Chuck

– The Tudors



AP and I met a few years ago now at college- we were both music lovers studying entertainment business, however as time went on we both bonded over our love of all things cinematic. In our third and final year at college we both started to question what we were studying and where we wanted to work and started to fantasise over how cool it would be to work for a film production company or film magazine where we could just immerse ourselves in movies all day- the idea of watching, thinking, writing about movies all day for a job is pretty much our ideal scenario. But that’s not the route that either of us have gone down- why? A couple reasons I guess- we had just committed three years to studying music business, we had jobs that we had already been lucky enough to get, and to be completely honest, it can be scary to let everything go and reach for your dreams.

I love film. I love television. I remember being 15-16 years old and my family joking that I watch so much tv I should be working in it, and here I am today wishing I was (that’s why you should listen to your parents folks). To be completely honest with you though, the reason I’m doing this with AP is because I want to share my love of movies and TV shows with you- my fellow obsessive, fanatical movie/TV watcher. I know there are a heap of you out there, I want to talk with you, throw ideas off you, discuss the latest movie release and go crazy over the latest episode of Dexter/ Game of Thrones/ Orange is the New Black/ Breaking Bad etc. etc. That’s why I’m here and that’s what we’re doing.

Top Movies:

– The Devils Advocate

– Gone With The Wind

– American Psycho

– The Dark Knight

– Schindler’s List

– The Pianist

– Fight Club

– Inglorious Bastards

– Inception

– Gladiator

– The Poker House

– Almost Famous

– The Breakfast Club

TV Shows:

– Game of Thrones (who doesn’t?)

– Dexter

– Breaking Bad

– Sherlock

– House of Cards

– Orange is the New Black

– Suits

– How I Met Your Mother

– Friends, Entourage, Workaholics, Mad Men, Magic City…I could go on.


How it all started…

HA & AP:

So there we both were, at work, chatting away on Facebook to pass the time whilst bored at work, and the conversation went a little something like this:

  • HA (3:07pm):
    you should start a blog
    review movies
    write stuff and be as unprofessional as you want
  • AP (3:07pm):
    I should
    maybe then i can get a press pass to comic con one year
  • HA (3:10pm):
    do it
    and then invite me to stuff
  • AP (3:17pm):
    i might actually look into it
    would give me something to do
  • AP (3:18pm):
    it would basically just be a geek blog
    coming around to the idea
    you’d have to read it though
  • HA (3:22pm):
    haha of course!
  • AP (3:30pm):
    maybe after i finish my major assignment i’ll look more into it
  • HA (3:33pm):
    naaah start now
  • AP (3:57pm):
    i could probably work something like it into my major assignmnet actually
  • AP (4:00pm):
    you can be my editor
    and sounding board
    and if it takes off you can be my date to all movie things
  • HA (4:01pm):
    All the movie things!
  • AP (4:20pm):
  • HA (4:22pm):
    yeeeeah you really need to do this
    then get heaps popular
    but like, have a fake identity
    everyone can guess who you are
  • AP (4:25pm):
    oh of course
    I wouldn’t let any know it was actually me
    sounds like a plan
    maybe i’ll start writing some stuff tonight
  • HA (4:31pm):
    so years down the line, people will ask you about this day and ask “how did your blog start?” and you’ll be like “well my friend and I were freaking out over Man of Steel and Star Trek, and was like, you should start a blog, and I was like, cool, and that was that”
  • AP (4:32pm):
    pretty much
    if it gets any recognition i’ll write a dedication to you
  • HA (4:38pm):
    damn straight
  • AP (4:39pm):
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