Director: Neill Blomkamp
Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley
Year: 2013


Neill Blomkamp’s new film Elysium centres around the character of Max and his quest to leave the overpopulated, polluted and diseased Earth in order to enter the new sanctuary of Elysium – where the rich and powerful live inside a man-made space station.
While the movies deals with current themes of refugees and wealth disparity, it proves to be underwhelming. The characters, Matt Damon’s ‘Max’ in particular are the most disappointing. Though Damon was convincing in his performance, there was little emotional depth or resonance to his character leading the audiences unable to empathise with his plight, which can also be said for most characters in the film.
Ms Delacourt, as played by Jodie Foster, though while her character brimmed with interesting possibilities in the beginning, ultimately fell flat ultimately proving to be boring and a disappointment – her voice frequently switching from an American to a stiff, quasi-French sounding one.
Elysium is not a new story. It follows the generics of past cyberfiction and cyberpunk films before it: a dystopian society, a rebel outcast fighting to return balance to the social order. It’s intriguing in places, but dull in others.
It’s beautifully shot and the special effects are outstanding, but its story lacks authenticity and emotional depth.

Final Comment:
Blomkamp delivers significantly on blowing people up. I think it’s one of his favourite things to do.


I watched part of District 9 at home on DVD. I remember all the hype around it when it came out and to be completely honest with you- because you’re my readers and I don’t want to lie- I fell asleep during it.

To be fair I had stayed out really late the previous night and I was kinda hungover.

So I’m sorry to say I went into Elysium without a complete understanding of Neill Blomkamp’s work which I hear is 10 X better. So a promise – I will watch it ASAP and come back and make an edit to this post.
Matt Damon is a good actor, he brings a certain coolness to all his roles and I think he can bring emotion when he needs to, the strange thing about this movie is that you don’t hear much from him at all, the emotional spectrum ranges from bored to frustration to anger.
The story line was not at all what I was expecting, you know how in the trailer you see a guy in a metal suit in a plane move his arm and flip a whole truck? You thought that was him right (or am I alone on this)? Nope, the suit he gets makes him strong but that’s about it, no extra cool superpowers, and it’s not THOR-strong, just stronger… which I found disappointing.

Whilst Matt Damon’s character is minimalist, his journey from ex-con to rebel fighting the government is exciting, and Jodie Foster plays the cool-bitch role well, however the character development ends there and becomes quite one-dimensional.
Sorry to say, in the end, an underwhelming movie.

Final Comment:
Wait for the download.

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